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I have been creating, in one form or another, for most of my life.  I am inspired by both my parents.  In today's language they would be considered Makers.  My mother worked her entire life as a legal secretary.  She was an accomplished musician, fiber artist, seamstress, painter, did all types of needlework, did canning and cake decorating, and created wonderful Eggery art.  My father' was a high school teacher for more than 40 years.  A man of extraordinary knowledge and talent.  He restored vintage vehicles doing most all the work himself, was a master gardener, horticulturalist and an inventor.  Both, were amateur photographers. 


This picture is one of the first creations I actually completed and sold.  The confidence I gained prompted me to continue on my learning adventure.  


My desire is to help you feel beautiful and enjoy your life.  If my art does touches you, and my facilitating learning enhances your life, than I am blessed.  

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